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Axiphos develops and delivers special software as solution to specific problems and taylored to customer needs.
Main activity focuses right now on Polaris (see below) and related technology. Using an special designed instrument it is possible through numerical processing to separate fluorescence from absorption in the reflectance spectrum of white samples containing fluorescent whitening agents. This allows total assessment of whiteness phenomena and allows its complete control either at manufacturing sites or evaluation lab. Polaris technology is applied:

  • at the lab:
    quality control, studies of whiteness efficiency, studies of claims
  • at product development lab:
    design of proper whiteness levels, recipe formulation
  • at the manufacturing site:
    whiteness control during production, correction of recipes at production line

Polaris is offered with optional add-in modules that can also be designed for especific customer needs and specifications. These include also modules to be attached to systems performing on-line measurements and control. The separation of fluorescence and absorption contributions allows instantaneous detection of deviations from target and its direct and unambiguous correction by changing the flow on the proper pump.

Polaris White Star - Software for Color and Whiteness determination

Polaris is the software operating with the new modified line of 3600 series of instruments from Minolta, especially modified for measuring white samples containing Fluorescent Whitening Agents (FWA). The system is also capable to handle color measurements of non-white samples and calculates all necessary color data for different illuminants and observers.
Besides several graphical presentation of the data, different color difference equations are provided to assist control routine.

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Color Slide Rule - Freeware color conversion tool

This freeware package performs conversion of color data between different expressions for a given illuminant and observer, including also whiteness data.
Conversions are possible between (Rx,Ry,Rz), (X,Y,Z), (Y,x,y), CIE-L*a*b*, Hunter-Lab, RGB, sRGB, Whiteness CIE and dominant wavelength and vice versa. Whiteness equations include whiteness indices after CIE, Ganz-Griesser (nominal parameters), Uchida, Berger, Stensby, Hunter, ASTM, Croes, Taube, Stephanson and Harrison; also yellowness index can be calculated.

Download Color conversion tool

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