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Color & Whiteness is the free Newsletter of Axiphos informing about last news and advancements on the area of color and whiteness
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C&W September 2001
Volume Nr. 1 Issue 1: September 2001
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Color & Whiteness
will be published tentatively on a bimonthly basis and it will contain themes of actual interest as well as serve as a means to dessiminate information from the color area. It will contain at least two digest articles on technical issues, discussed in lenght in reports available for downloading at the Website of Axiphos, a list of forthcoming events and reports of past events where Axiphos has actively participated.
There will be a column on activities concerning Polaris—White Star software and the last page will contain description and discussion on an actual and useful Website found while surfing the Internet.
The editor

Themes of the issue: (as *.pdf files; see Reports)
Reviewing the concept of paper brightness
On color differences formulae

Forthcoming themes:
Vol. 1
Issue 2 (November): Reviewing the concept of whiteness / On whiteness formulas
Vol. 2
Issue 1 (January): On Whiteness scales calibration / On numerical UV control

Issue 2 (March): Controlling pulp bleaching / On whiteness matching
Issue 3 (May): Determining light-fastness of FWA / Calibrating assessment booths for whiteness
Issue 4 (July): About photobleaching agents / On fluorescent pigments
Issue 5 (September): Influence of opacity on whiteness / On fluorescence

Issue 6 (November): About invariant shading / Choosing FWA according to applications

Conference Reports

Detergency on Textiles: Course 2001 February 11-16, 2001, Quito, Ecuador
The first course of this series was given six years ago and it has become a classic for people working in the detergents area in the Latin American region. During the lectures delivered by the instructors Mr. Rodrigo Olmedo (Detertec, Ecuador), Dr. Duncan Philips (UMIST, UK) and Dr. Claudio Puebla (Axiphos, Germany) different aspects and topics from fabric finishing, influence of different dyes and fluorescent whitening agents, to effects of washing conditions and habits, influence of light exposition and psychological perception of benefits were presented, reviewed and illustrated with examples. Furthermore socio-economical factors were reviewed and discussed in detail, as well as new developments on the application of detergents. The class was attended by numerous participants from leading local and global companies dealing with the detergent area (for details visit Detertec.)

Innovation in Measuring Color and Whiteness May 9, 2001, Greiz, Germany
This one-day conference gave an update on modern methods to approach the assessment of color and especially whiteness. After a general overview and presentation of modern methods for assessing whiteness by Dr. Claudio Puebla, Axiphos, Germany, practical examples were given by Mr. Wehner, Thorey, Germany followed by methods for setting fluorescent standards with a two-monochromator instrument by Dr. Wolfgang Böhme, Labsphere, Germany. Dr. Klaus Witt, BAM, Germany gave an overview and background for the application of a newly developed equation for color differences, followed by presentations of new instruments by Mr. Schweim, Minolta, Germany and Mr. Geipel, Datacolor, Germany (for details contact Mrs. Brigitte Mensak).

Focus on the Web
Search engines are the most helpful tools to increase your effectivity while digging for information. In this respect Chemindustry.com has been conceived exclusively for the chemical industry, it works on a categorized structure that allows the user to search for information based on specific areas.

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